A long time in the making, that’s how medical professionals at Macon Community Hospital describe their new expansion.

This month the hospital will unveil their new ER Department.

“We’ve been working on this project for so long and finally I can’t believe it’s almost here now.” said Dr. Hannah Ilia, Director of the Macon Community Hospital ER Department.

The new expansion will take the hospital from 6 beds, where patients are separated by curtain – to 8 private rooms for various treatments. There will also be a mental health space.

In addition, there’s new medial equipment and separate entrances for ambulances and outpatient care.  Currently patients are brought through the same area.

The hospital will  also be using telehealth practices as one way for doctors to reach Macon County patients, via technology.

“We can get specialists to asses our patients here, treat our patients here or possibly complete the treatment here. It’ll keep people from having to drive out of town all the time.” said Thomas Kidd, CEO of Macon Community Hospital.

Kidd says this has a been a vision 7 years in the making.

“Being a rural hospital, we don’t have a lot of excess capital.”

He added that they were able to get help from the federal government

“The USDA has a new program for rural development,  and we were able to tap in and get the funds at an interest rate we could afford.”

The expansion and renovations to the old Emergency Department, cost a total of 5.2 million dollars.

For those in the business of saving lives they say it’s money, well spent.

“Same quality of care but in better ways.” said Dr. Hanna Ilia.

Macon Community Hospital will have an open house for the new Emergency Department on December 12. They hope to accept patients at the end of the month.