“I’m convinced that the care I received saved my life!”

— Jennifer Flippin

My name is Jennifer Flippin and I am the Laboratory Manager at Macon Community Hospital. Recently I was diagnosed with a severe case of COVID-19 bilateral pneumonia. The diagnosis was definitely scary, but fortunately, I knew that I could count on this hospital to provide me with the care I needed!

Dr. Olufemi Odunusi was my admitting physician. He is a knowledgeable and kind person and I felt completely comfortable trusting him with my health and well-being. Being an employee here, especially during COVID times, I’d already seen how difficult it was to navigate the challenges of the virus, to understand how it works, and to determine what we, as a hospital, needed to do to care for our community. I am proud to say that our CEO personally worked with our vendors to negotiate and obtain the equipment and supplies needed to bring more COVID testing to Macon County. Additionally, Dr. Odunusi and his team devised their own protocol to help people diagnosed with the virus, providing appropriate prescription medications and vitamin supplements, and encouraging special breathing techniques to help combat respiratory issues.

I knew without a doubt that Macon Community Hospital was capable of taking care of me. I also knew I would get a more personal touch level of care, right here, close to home, and not because I am an employee, but because our hospital genuinely cares about every patient and every unique situation. People here are more than just a medical record number. They’re our friends and our neighbors, and our hospital believes in treating each person like a member of our own families.

My experience has made me even more thankful that I work at such an amazing place, and I am convinced that the care I received here is what saved my life!