Diabetes Education Center

Diabetes Education Center 2018-12-10T22:05:10+00:00

Diabetes is a serious condition that can be successfully managed with medications and diet and physical activity. Complications from diabetes include: low blood sugar, high blood sugar, skin problems, eye problems, neuropathy, feet problems, ketoacidosis, kidney disease, stomach or intestinal problems, and mental issues.

Diabetic Education:

Diabetic education classes are available at Macon County General Hospital. Our center is accredited with the National Diabetes Association. Our Registered Dietician has 25 years of experience and can assist you with individualized meal planning, understanding food labels and carbohydrate counting. You can call the scheduling department at 615-666-2147 to sign up for a class or for any questions.

Diabetes Support Group:

Macon County General Hospital has a Free Diabetes Support Group Meeting every 4th Monday at 5pm. The meetings are held in the Hospital conference room.

Additional resources related to diabetes are available at: www.diabetes.org