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                                                                                         CDC Declares FLU Epidemic!

You may have noticed that more people in our community are coming down with the FLU this year than last.  In fact in just the past week,
there has been a sharp rise in the number of patients visiting the hospital, clinics, and emergency room due to this illness. The FLU is easily
and most often spread as a result of coughs, sneezes or simply talking.  Believe it or not, a sneeze from one person with the flu can spread
up to 20,000 FLU Germs in the air.

At MCGH, the safety and well-being of our patients, visitors and staff is our highest priority.  That is why we have taken several steps to help
prevent the spread of the flu in our hospital and ensure everyone’s safety during what is proving to be a busy FLU Season. The Steps
Infection Control has put into place include the following:  

        Please limit visitors to two adults per patient at any time
        Please do not bring your children on hospital visits
        Children under the age of 14 years are asked to refrain from visiting the hospital at this time
        Please wash your hands frequently
        Please do not visit the hospital if you are sick or have symptoms of the FLU
        If you haven’t already, GET THE FLU VACCINE

In case you forget some of these steps, don’t worry, our staff will be giving you gentle reminders to make sure we are all doing what we can
to keep everyone as healthy as possible.  

Together, we can prevent the spread of the flu in our hospital.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.
                                                                                        NURSE MARGARET 